EV in London - The Laden Showroom


We are landing in London!! The Laden Showroom is an iconic London boutique which believes in supporting and promoting the hottest up-and-coming independent fashion designers. Established in 1999 the store has continued to successfully help, nourish and support young brands, offering customers independently designed fashion at affordable prices. The Laden Showroom is internationally recognised for showcasing British fashion, with the CEO and owner of the business being awarded an MBE for his services to the fashion industry. Come to visit us if you are in London!

我們登陸倫敦了!!The Laden Showroom是倫敦一間標誌性的獨立設計師精品店,成立於1999年,一直支持和推動獨立設計師,店主更獲頒MBE大英勳章以表揚她對英國時裝界的貢獻;在倫敦的朋友快來看看哦!

ADDRESS: 103 Brick Lane,London,E1 6SE

WEBSITE: www.laden.co.uk

FACEBOOK: theladenshowroom

TWITTER: @Ladenshowroom

INSTAGRAM: theladenshowroom