Even Vintage Seoul trip

After the FW13 shooting, we went to Seoul immediately. At first, we imagined that there were a lots of things  we could buy, the result is buying so many cups of coffee >.< Our favourite place in Seoul is Sinsa-dong Garosugil, ginkgo tree lined roads, beautiful environment , with a branch road full of personality cafe and restaurant, as well as interesting shops and fashion boutiques! This is one of our favourite cafe in Seoul, more than a cup of coffee, as well as clothes and books~

在拍攝完秋冬系列後馬上出發到首爾,本來以為會買很多東西回來,結果買得最多的是咖啡>.< 在首爾最愛的地方是新沙洞林蔭道,道路兩旁種滿銀杏樹,環境優美,加上分支小路開滿個性cafe與餐廳,以及有趣小店和時裝名店! 而這家Cafe是我們挺喜歡的,不止喝咖啡,還有衣服和書可以看呢~